Our New Theater Sconces – Recreated Art Deco Sconces, originals by Affortunato Gory



We are so excited to finally be able to offer these, Being in the design and production process for over a year now, these have turned out so great! They are perfect for that Art Deco style home theater! The bonus with these spectacular sconces is the LED panel technology they use. The Panels are pretty amazing, completly smooth, blended, even lighting. NO pin-points of light as seen in traditional LEDs, and the best part they are dimmable!


Fine Provenance recreated Art Deco Sconces by Gori

The recreation of these sconces has been a pure pleasure for us. Since we acquired the original Gori castings and sconces …..we wanted to share the beauty that comes from a quality Sculptor and artist by sharing his vision while adding a bit of our own with UL approval.

The Artist;

Affortunato Gori…or….Affortunato Gory….Fortunato Gori…or ….Fortunato Gory

Gory altered his name from Fortunato Gori when he moved from Florence to Paris at the turn of the last century. There is some confusion since he inter-changed first and last names often both with thechanged version and the original version. Affortunato Gory (Italian, fl. 1895-1925) Born in Florence, Affortunato Gory initially studied at the city's Accademia di Belle Arti under Augusto Rivalta. Settling in Paris at the beginning of the 20th century, he completed his training under Victorien-Antoine Bastet, before going on to exhibit at the Salon until the start of the First World War. He is recorded exhibiting at the Salon des Artistes Français in 1902, 1904, 1912, 1914 and 1923. He specialised predominantly in busts and statuettes of young women.

Lighting Source: The original sconces were lit with small bulbs which left hot spots behind the figures. That was the limited choice in 1920. Now, we have engineered a complete frame LED dimmable panel having the mellow color of the original incandescent bulbs. No,,,with this new generation of SMD (LED) panels,,,,there are no little points of light. Just a smooth blend across a special screen. Yes,,,this is a dimmable panel and the dimmer is mounted on the right side of the case as the picture shows. If you would rather NOT have dimming, the switch can be eliminated for a full 100% light-on effect. Please do your self a favor and check out the LED panels here: www.vintagehardware.com/what-is-led-lighting.php?cat=520, with a variety of sizes, and the fact that they are only 1/2" thick total! thats it 1/2"! the application of these panels is limitless!

Glass: The glass, on which the figure is mounted, has the orignal deco design. It is simply lovely. Going one-step further, however, we made tempered safety glass and the panel is so labelled. The glass is 5/16” thick (8mm) and deeply carved to reproduce the design. The design is not a decal but a deep etched process having a design depth of about 1/32” (1.5mm).

Construction: The sconce begins life as an aluminum box that has TIG welded corners. Then the castings are made and applied one by one after the electric mounting structure has been constructed interiorly.

Shipping and Installation: The figure attached glass is packed and shipped separately. In the installation process…First, the SMD (LED) panel is removed (two screws). Then the case is mounted to an electrical box. Since the sconce weighs in at over 49 pounds, having a darn strong electrical metal box is important. Alternately, it can be screwed to studs in the wall or anchors within a wall. Then SMD (LED) panel is replaced. The glass is then slid into the holding brackets for a completed installation.

Measurements: 31 1/2” tall by 20” wide and 3 3/4” thick. An impressive display. Weights vary just a tiny bit due to the slight variations of the castings but 49-50 pounds each.

*Price: $1450.00 each for either 822-LFT or 822-RGT complete and ready to go with a mounting kit….plus reasonable shipping charges. They do weigh nearly 50 pounds each.

*Price listed is for 03/2014, and subject to change.




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