Large Indoor Art Deco Chandeliers and Wall Sconces

Our facilities have been producing a brand new line of chandeliers and sconces based off historic and old-fashioned lighting fixtures. Do take note as these are not the normal recreations that has made a name for our company so far, these are new designs building upon past techniques to make works of art that are uncomparable to other hardware of it's kind. Look to the photo below for a good example. This is our Edgar Brandt imspired Art Deco chandelier, extrapilated from the ideas Edgar Brant put into use when he first began creating chandeliers that would one day be known as Art Deco.

This impressive and stunning chandelier is a part of our newer series that we began putting out into the market just a few years ago. The addition of these new works allows us to customize them in a way that hasn't been done before with chandeliers of this kind. In particular, the hang length and the type of glass in the bottom itself can be adjusted to suit specific needs in lighting. We've been creating original spins on old style lighting while maintaining the rustic metalworked style of Art Deco, and this isn't the only set we've been able to do this with. Shown below is the Soleure series large 14 light chandelier that speaks volumes about our ability to modernize and adapt older pieces. In particular, this specific fixture has been remodeled to fit E-26 as well as LED bulbs which is highly uncommon for works simmilar to it. Beneath it are the matching sconces, which help to set a specific tone or flair of a room.

With the addition of chandeliers and sconces designed and produced in our shop, one feature we can give to customers is extra customizabliity. Works like these can't be found because we as a company are the ones designing them. In this case, the hang length as well as the type of glass in the bottom itself can be adjusted to suit specific needs in lighting. We have taken an extreme amount of detail in order to craft chandeliers that are new, but still retain the same feel as if they were made by the original artist himself. These are just a small sample of many in our newer line that hasn't been showcased enough.

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