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Large Indoor Art Deco Chandeliers and Wall Sconces

Our facilities have been producing a brand new line of chandeliers and sconces based off historic and old-fashioned lighting fixtures. Do take note as these are not the normal recreations that has made a name for our company so far, these are new designs building upon past techniques to make works of art that are uncomparable to other hardware of it's kind. Look to the photo below for a good example. This is our Edgar Brandt imspired Art Deco chandelier, extrapilated from the ideas Edgar Brant put into use when he first began creating chandeliers that would one day be known as Art Deco.

This impressive and stunning chandelier is a part of our newer series that we began putting out into the market just a few years ago. The addition of these new works allows us to customize them in a way that hasn't been done before with chandeliers of this kind. In particular, the hang length and the type of glass in the bottom itself can be adjusted to suit specific needs in lighting. We've been creating original spins on old style lighting while maintaining the rustic metalworked style of Art Deco, and this isn't the only set we've been able to do this with. Shown below is the Soleure series large 14 light chandelier that speaks volumes about our ability to modernize and adapt older pieces. In particular, this specific fixture has been remodeled to fit E-26 as well as LED bulbs which is highly uncommon for works simmilar to it. Beneath it are the matching sconces, which help to set a specific tone or flair of a room.

With the addition of chandeliers and sconces designed and produced in our shop, one feature we can give to customers is extra customizabliity. Works like these can't be found because we as a company are the ones designing them. In this case, the hang length as well as the type of glass in the bottom itself can be adjusted to suit specific needs in lighting. We have taken an extreme amount of detail in order to craft chandeliers that are new, but still retain the same feel as if they were made by the original artist himself. These are just a small sample of many in our newer line that hasn't been showcased enough.

New – Large Outdoor Art Deco Wall Sconce. Perfect for Commercial Buildings as an Architectural Detail

55-BES-DL__Art_Deco_Wall_Sconces_Lights_Lighting_Fixtures_Exterior_Outdoor_Big_Large_ArchitecturalAn outstanding exterior/interior commercial building sconce.  No expense was spared with the KENK design to make this sconce a breath taking lighting device.

Made from solid brass/bronze material, it weighs in at over 100 lbs of solid brass.  It is completely cast by the lost wax casting method (also used to make the finest jewelry) and is a true labor of skilled casting to accomplish the lovely reticulated panels and design.

Not only is this light fixture simply gorgeous and impressive, but it is highly energy efficient.

It is California approved for new and restoration construction with the complete LED lighting system and our UL rating.  It is approved for dry, damp and wet locations.  Our patent pending barrel design LED tube array uses standard T-8 fittings with our three foot LED SMD tubes (stock number 36-D-55) which can be used dimmable, if so desired.  If not desired, it lights at 100% lumen value.  Even the small LED SMD bulb, in the bottom section, is housed in an energy approved GU10 socket.  It only lights the small bottom section and it is also dimmable.


The barrel inside the light contains six 12 watt LED SMD tubes giving a total of 72 watts.  The small GU10 bulb is 9 watts which gives the fixture a 81 watt total energy consumption.  It produces approximately 9,000 lumens.  This would be roughly equivalent to 900 watts of incandescent lighting.  While this sounds like a fantastic amount of light, please note that the light must come thru the opalescent acrylic shade which reduces the light to a pleasant appearance.

The acrylic shade is ONE piece from the top section, thru the center section and stops before the bottom section.  The electrical supply comes thru the acrylic shade via a waterproof pvc cord connector via SVT waterproof wire.  A length of SVT is left loose, inside the body of the light, so the entire center light column can be dropped-down when maintenance is required.

Maintenance is accomplished by:::::

The very top finial of the light is actually a functional part.  It is “O” ring installed disguised functional nut.  Once this finial is un-screwed, the light column can be lowered thru the bottom section for maintenance.  To allow the column to drop-down, the bottom section of the light is removed with three screws for access.


We recommend using Lutron CL LED dimmers, which we keep on hand.  Naturally, we stock both replacement tubes (stock number 36-D-55) and GU10 dimmable bulbs for this fixture.


Maximum measurement wide is 16 1/2”.  Projection from the wall is 18”.  Overall height from top of the finial to the bottom finial is 50 1/2”.


The heavy cast bronze backplate has four mounting holes.  We will supply four lag bolts, with decorative theft prevention brass heads for the installation of this fixture.  The lags are 3/8” diameter (9mm) and 2 1/4” long (55mm).  The heads of the lag bolts are drilled and tapped to receive the smooth brass heads AFTER installation.  Using locktite 272 on those decor heads will help to prevent any vandal or theft attempts.  Expansion wall anchors, for our lag bolts, is the contractors decision are not supplied by us due to the range of mounting surfaces.

Includes all six LED SMD tubes and bottom LED SMD bulb.  Ready to hang.

Our New Theater Sconces – Recreated Art Deco Sconces, originals by Affortunato Gory



We are so excited to finally be able to offer these, Being in the design and production process for over a year now, these have turned out so great! They are perfect for that Art Deco style home theater! The bonus with these spectacular sconces is the LED panel technology they use. The Panels are pretty amazing, completly smooth, blended, even lighting. NO pin-points of light as seen in traditional LEDs, and the best part they are dimmable!


Fine Provenance recreated Art Deco Sconces by Gori

The recreation of these sconces has been a pure pleasure for us. Since we acquired the original Gori castings and sconces …..we wanted to share the beauty that comes from a quality Sculptor and artist by sharing his vision while adding a bit of our own with UL approval.

The Artist;

Affortunato Gori…or….Affortunato Gory….Fortunato Gori…or ….Fortunato Gory

Gory altered his name from Fortunato Gori when he moved from Florence to Paris at the turn of the last century. There is some confusion since he inter-changed first and last names often both with thechanged version and the original version. Affortunato Gory (Italian, fl. 1895-1925) Born in Florence, Affortunato Gory initially studied at the city's Accademia di Belle Arti under Augusto Rivalta. Settling in Paris at the beginning of the 20th century, he completed his training under Victorien-Antoine Bastet, before going on to exhibit at the Salon until the start of the First World War. He is recorded exhibiting at the Salon des Artistes Français in 1902, 1904, 1912, 1914 and 1923. He specialised predominantly in busts and statuettes of young women.

Lighting Source: The original sconces were lit with small bulbs which left hot spots behind the figures. That was the limited choice in 1920. Now, we have engineered a complete frame LED dimmable panel having the mellow color of the original incandescent bulbs. No,,,with this new generation of SMD (LED) panels,,,,there are no little points of light. Just a smooth blend across a special screen. Yes,,,this is a dimmable panel and the dimmer is mounted on the right side of the case as the picture shows. If you would rather NOT have dimming, the switch can be eliminated for a full 100% light-on effect. Please do your self a favor and check out the LED panels here:, with a variety of sizes, and the fact that they are only 1/2" thick total! thats it 1/2"! the application of these panels is limitless!

Glass: The glass, on which the figure is mounted, has the orignal deco design. It is simply lovely. Going one-step further, however, we made tempered safety glass and the panel is so labelled. The glass is 5/16” thick (8mm) and deeply carved to reproduce the design. The design is not a decal but a deep etched process having a design depth of about 1/32” (1.5mm).

Construction: The sconce begins life as an aluminum box that has TIG welded corners. Then the castings are made and applied one by one after the electric mounting structure has been constructed interiorly.

Shipping and Installation: The figure attached glass is packed and shipped separately. In the installation process…First, the SMD (LED) panel is removed (two screws). Then the case is mounted to an electrical box. Since the sconce weighs in at over 49 pounds, having a darn strong electrical metal box is important. Alternately, it can be screwed to studs in the wall or anchors within a wall. Then SMD (LED) panel is replaced. The glass is then slid into the holding brackets for a completed installation.

Measurements: 31 1/2” tall by 20” wide and 3 3/4” thick. An impressive display. Weights vary just a tiny bit due to the slight variations of the castings but 49-50 pounds each.

*Price: $1450.00 each for either 822-LFT or 822-RGT complete and ready to go with a mounting kit….plus reasonable shipping charges. They do weigh nearly 50 pounds each.

*Price listed is for 03/2014, and subject to change.




The Kelly Art Deco Lighting Musuem

If you like the Art Deco era…

..and wish to learn a bit more about the Art Deco lights that graced the homes of that exciting time in America's history when gangsters ran the streets, speak-easys were common, and rich ex-businessmen sold apples on corners for a penny – then the Kelly Art Deco Light Museum gives a rare glimpse of the years 1928 to 1938. The variation of designs for this time period is simply amazing. And best of all – admission is free! It has the unique attribute of being the ONLY American Art Deco slip-shade museum in the world today. It is estimated that you could visit 100 antique shops and not find one of these lights. And some lights, you would never see – even after visiting 10,000 shops! Some lights are so rare that no books have ever documented them and some became obsolote before a catalog could be made to sell them. It was a turbulent time in American History. Think about it… apples selling for a penny while some of these fixtures were selling during the depression for $25. The customers had to be very interested indeed.

Come for a visit…

…and see over 400 fixtures in our Art Deco museum – including Art Deco chandeliers, wall sconces, and table lights that graced the homes of middle and upper class during the Great Depression.

There are other fantastic Art Deco museums out there, but none that concentrate on the sort of lighting during these times.

(To see some one-of-a-kind, unique Art Deco light fixtures 
for sale in our store, click here)

kelly art deco museum washington

Check out this video for a sneek peak at the Art Deco museum:



Art Deco Chicago Series: Art Deco Chandelier, Ceiling Lights, and Sconces


The Chicago Series
The best term to describe this series is simply: “Screaming Deco”,  since that really is what every nuiance and every square inch of design says.   Covered completely with deco design and pictured with one of the most deco designed shades made in America,  we just have to say…”Screaming !!”.
These fixtures are all substancial with a great dark/light pewter contrast, This really POPS the deco design elements.
173–MCC:  Art Deco Single Close Ceiling Light Pendant with porcelain socket.  Easily accept a 100 watt bulb.  Pictured with both a frosted 0319G shade and an amber 0319AMG shade.    Meas: Ht:  8 1/2” with an 8”dia with our shade.  Shades are sold separately.
$ 225.00
174-ZN-2CC  Art Deco Double Close Ceiling Light Pendant.  Easily accept 100 watt bulbs.  Pictured with both frosted 0319G shades and amber 0319AMG shades.  Meas: Ht:  a mere 8 1/4”,  Long-Width:  15 1/2”; Short-Width: 8 1/4”.  Shades are sold separately. $ 285.00
176-ZN-5CC  Art Deco Close Ceiling Five Light Chandelier.  Easily accept 100 watt bulbs.  Pictured with both frosted 0319G shades and amber 0319AMG shades.  Meas: Ht:  a mere 8 1/4”, Width:  16 1/2”
  Shades are sold separately. $ 395.00
177-ZN-ES  Art Deco Single Sconce with porcelain socket.  Easily accepts a 100 watt bulb.  Pictured with both a frosted 0319G shade and an amber 0319AMG shade.    Meas: Ht:  11” and a width of 5 3/8”.  Projects into the room only 5 3/8” with our shown shades.    Shades are sold separately. $ 255.00
178-ZN-DES  Art Deco Double Sconce with porcelain sockets.  Easily accepts 100 watt bulbs.  Pictured with both the frosted 0319G shades and the amber 0319AMG shades.   Meas: Ht:  11” and a width of 10 3/4””.  Projects into the room only 5” with our shown shades.   Shades are sold separately. $ 285.00
 In honor of a notable character of the era, we present the Hughes Art Deco shade. We don't believe you can find a nicer Art Deco shade anywhere. Clean, symmetrical lines, with a grace and flair that asserts "Art Deco to the Max".

0319G The Hughes Art Deco Frosted Shade 2 1/4" Fitter

The first customer who saw and bought this shade dubbed it "max art deco" when holding it, and we agree. It took six months of die development & then another 2 months of experiments with pressing temps & annealing procedures, but we were rewarded with one of the finest Art Deco designs on the market. Available in either frosted or amber tint .

Design copyright Vintage Hardware 2008.

Vintage Hardware and Lighting is the only Company that makes and offers this exclusive line of high quality Art Deco Lighting.

Vintage Reproduction “Manhattan Series” Art Deco Lighting Fixtures


Here at Vintage Hardware and Lighting we pride ourselves in reproducing quality lighting. One of our specialties is Art Deco style lighting , so much that we have an entire museum dedicated to authentic antique art deco lighting fixtures .

What is Art Deco? Featuring sleek lines and exotic finishes, a very distinctive look, Art Deco was a Ultra- modern design movement from 1925 until the 1940s, affecting the decorative arts such as architecture, interior design and industrial design, as well as the visual arts such as painting, the graphic arts and film.

 We found a series of fantastic Art Deco lights coming from the depression era of America Circa 1936. We  have catalog references for them showing some very unique designs and so we re-created "The Manhattan Line " consisting of two chandeliers and a sconce.

This line is made from zinc by the Lost Wax casting method (also used for jewelry and bronze artwork). Zinc was the exact same material with which the Art Deco originals were cast. The metal appears a brushed nickel or pewter tone. 

We also have sourced unique Art Deco scalloped glass in both frosted finish and amber tint. Due to the narrowness of the projection, safety dictated a candelabrum socket capable of a 60 watt candelabrum bulb. We believe that this is sufficient for accent and small fill-in area lighting.

The close ceiling Art Deco Chandelier is a nice lower ceiling solution with Art Deco class. Clean, crisp lines remind you of some of our most famous art deco style buildings, like the Chrysler building .

This chandelier is also available as a longer length Manhattan Tall Art Deco chandelier with standard 3/4" pipe to the length you wish to use in a room. In this case, the ceiling canopy slides down the pipe for mounting, and then, back up for a finished appearance. If you indicate the length you wish, it will be supplied to size, or it can be supplied for a maximum length of 45" but trim-able, with instructions so you can trim it yourself.

The Manhattan series Art Deco sconce comes complete with your choice of either frosted glass panels (as shown) or amber tinted glass panels.

The Manhattan Series is perfect for an Art Deco style bathroom, or kitchen . You will love the classic deco look of this series. Some designers place such interesting light in contemporary rooms to give them more character, as the modern art deco lights were way ahead of their time.

See all of our reproduction art deco lighting and our restored antique art deco lighting at

Vintage Reproduction Art Deco Mid-West Mnf Co. Soleure Series Slip Shade Lights


Here at Vintage Hardware and Lighting we only reproduce the best of the best antique lighting . If it was not of high quality in its day, we won’t make it.


After two years of working on this project, we now offer one of the finest Art Deco recreations on the market today. Originally made by Mid-West Manufacturing of Kansas City, Kansas in 1935, this company had a remarkable attitude towards the Great Depression. Their attitude was to make only the best, since there are always folks with money out there, even in the worst of times.

So…for this “Soleure Series” we adopted a likewise philosophy. Make it from the best materials (silicon bronze), by the best method (lost wax casting like jewelry is made), and finish it in a fine red bronze finish with highlights of the original metal.



Since we are curators of the only American Art Deco Lighting Museum , we can assure you that the original manufacturer and original manufacturing date of this fixture has been verified by our literature library as being from Mid-West Mnf and of this time period.



The Soleure five light chandelier  has an ornate design pierced on its bottom, very beautiful, complementing the sheer quality and design of this series.


The Soleure five light close ceiling chandelier is a beautiful design, going right along with the series; it has an ornate frame with beautifully detailed highlights just like the original metals, holding five of the fine quality reproduction Soleure slip shades . Great for areas with shorter ceilings, so that you can keep the look of this series flowing through your home.


The Soleure six light chandelier is seemly close to the Soleure five light chandelier with an additional bottom disc shade that is tinted to match the Soleure slip shades and is another benefactor to the quality of this series.


The Soleure two light pendant is a great addition to this series, also made for areas that are small or have short ceilings. The Soleure pendant light is a great way to add class to your home. It is the perfect size for hallways, entries, or powder rooms. For higher ceilings, chain can be added for a longer drop.


The Soleure Series Sconces are the finishing touch to any Art Deco Décor. The Sconces truly are gorgeous, matching to the series in every way. Who could resist adding these lights to their home.

If you already have an antique Soleure Light, we also provide the high quality reproduction slip shades . The shades are made with the best glass shade cast from an original. Painted with a soft and warm brown color that has a light purple hue, the shades blend perfectly with this light complementing the color in every way.



We absolutely love this series, and so do our customers, and we are sure that you will too.


See the entire line of the Soleure series Lights at Vintage Hardware and Lighting.

Vintage Reproduction Fleur de Lis Art Deco Lighting

Vintage Hardware and Lighting reproduced this Fleur de Lis art deco lighting series originally made by Lincoln Lighting, at the height of the slip shade era, circa 1935. Our Fleur de Lis reproductions are cast from original antiques, both the fixture and the shade. Lost Wax Cast brass fixture, we offer this series in a variety of finishes including, unlacquered Polished Brass for a naturally occurring patina over time, Antique Brass finish for a lovely aged look with out the wait,  Nickel plated brass, Oil rubbed bronze, and Pewter Finish. Our reproduction slip shades are offered in a frosted white and frosted amber. With all the combination's, of finishes and shade color you’re sure to find something to suit your needs.


The art deco Fleur de Lis sconces are simply elegant and add character to your room decor.

Solid brass, created using the Lost Wax casting method to preserve all the clear, crisp details. Perfect for a hallway, entryway, or stairwell, this Fleur de Lis two light pendant is a great example of quality lighting.

The Fleur de Lis five lights are just gorgeous. We offer two styles, these beautifully lost wax cast frames are covered in detail. These two lights are similar in style but have many differences, for instance they both have the same body with a pierced detail adorning the bottom, The Short five light had a rod stem leading up to the canopy and a shorter finial, the long five light has a detail deco metal work with a chain stem leading up to the canopy and a longer deco finial.

The Fleur de Lis six lights are also very similar to the five lights with minor differences. These two lights have our Fleur de Lis disc shade adorning the bottom, The Short six light had a rod stem leading up to the canopy and a shorter finial, the long six light has a detail deco metal work with a chain stem leading up to the canopy and a longer deco finial on the bottom of the Fleur de Lis disc shade .

As with all of our lights we can customize to shorten or lengthen our lights to suit our customer’s needs. This is a sample of our long Fleur de Lis five light that has been shortened and with a shorter finial.

This chandelier features gold highlights on a white metal frame just like the original Fleur de Lis fixture that's in our art deco lighting museum . We reproduced it exactly like our museum-authenticated Lincoln Mfg, circa 1930.  Our reproduction is all lost wax cast in white metal to capture the best Art Deco tradition and style. We then add the polychrome gold highlights, making this reproduction difficult to distinguish from the original.

You may be occasionally lucky enough to find a fixture at an estate sale, but need one or more replacement shades . We create these reproductions from originals, and it will be hard to tell the replacement from the original.

See all of our Fleur de Lis Lincoln light co. reproductions and all of our finish, shade color and height possibilities at vintage hardware and lighting.

Genuine Antique Lincoln Mfg. Presentation Quality Slip Shade Chandelier circa 1935

The most over-used word in the antique trade is the word “rare”.   It is so over used for common things that when an authentic rare item comes along,  the word tends to lose its punch.

Ken Kelly as the curator of the worlds only Art Deco Lighting Museum , says “perhaps it will have a bit more validity than when used off-handedly by a normal dealer”. So now,  “He” wants to use the word “rare”.

One of the brightest stars in our light museum is this particular light.  We were lucky enough to have this one donated to the museum to help us raise funds for expansion. Okay, so what qualifies this as rare ?  Well,  in 42 years of collecting for the museum, we have purchased every single entity found and we only have three examples shown in the museum  (a five light chandelier like this one, a three light and a sconce), and now this donation.

So…what is it ?  Since it is not in any catalog or reference book that we have in our library,  it needs to be attributed by the elements of its design & construction. We, probably better than most, are most able to do this.
This art deco chandelier we believe, is a presentation piece.  It was probably given to outstanding dealers or wholesalers as a reward for achievement of great sales.  Of course,  it might also have been given to retiring executives of the company sort of like the gold watch reward. Like the quality of engraved Winchester rifles,  it has an amount of detail very much above the norm for a production piece.

We believe it was made by  Lincoln Manufacturing who were ONE of the biggest makers of slip shade lighting in America and even sold to Sears.  We “know” Lincoln design and castings quite well having handled hundreds of their various products.

Attributes we recognize different from Virden or Markel or Acme or Frankenlite or Halcolite or Globe:
1:  The fixture is aluminum…Lincoln Mnf was a aluminum foundry rather than cast iron or cast zinc, or even cast bronze.
2:  The design motifs and shade holding panels are similar, mechanically, to Lincoln designs such as the Fleur-de-lis.
3:  The color and reliefs are similar to Lincoln designs and you can almost feel the elements from their head designer in this piece.  It does go that extra mile for great design.
4:  Each casting is marked with a part number.  Lincoln did this exclusively and other manufacturers did this VERY seldom.
5:  Only Lincoln made two other lights where the shade could be used bulb side up..or..down.  We are showing both these orientations in our pictures below.

The shades are just so fantastic.  Heavy custard glass with deep reliefs. Can be used two ways depending on preferences.very minor roughness in keeping with the fixture’s age.  Simply “wow” pieces of glass by themselves.

Measurements & Wiring:   Totally re-wired with new sockets and wire.  Ready to hang and we will supply all the necessary parts to do so easily.  It is 31” tall.  That large finial really adds to the height.  If a longer drop (height) is desired,  we can add a bit of extra chain.  It has an 18” diameter.

An excellent price for this RARE slip shade presentation chandelier attributed to Lincoln Mnf., Circa 1935.

Check out all of our antique lighting aquisitions and our reproduction lighting at

Art Deco Slip Shade Lights

Here at Vintage Hardware and Lighting we specialize in American antique lighting, When we came across these Noverdy and Vianne style sconces, we just couldn’t pass them up.                                                                 

We bought the originals from a restoration project in Seattle.When our antique originals sold quickly, we decided to make them as reproductions. This is a nice large Art Deco sconce  which is seldom found. The basic fixture is solid heavy brass, left un-lacquered and brought to a high polish. This is the way the sconce would have been presented when new. Also offered in an antique brass finish, giving the light a lovely aged look. Our nickel finish  gives the light a “modern,” clean look.


When our reproduction art deco sconce turned out so successful, we decided why not make the deco chandelier  as well? Same Quality as the  sconces, measuring 26” in diameter from deco shade to shade, with five of our slip shades and available in  polished brass, nickel  and  antique brass finishes. The French deco five light chandelier and sconces are truly a seamless match.


 With beautifully detailed slip shades, remade from the originals, typical of fine French quality. The shades come in two colors a soft frosted amber  giving the room a warm ambiance, and a frosted white that marks  its presence.


With the series of deco lights being so popular we’ve put into play and ongoing design for a bigger chandelier. With nine of our quality slip shades and a span of 44” and available in all of our finishes and shade color, to suit anyone’s taste.  This deco chandelier is undeniably going to be stunning. This light would be a great addition to your home, or office.

See all of our art deco slip shade lighting at